Pictures - Year of the Fire Boar - thanks to Faernworks
Pictures - Year of the Fire Boar - thanks to Jeff D.
three tracks - two of them reworked and more finely mixed, and the new dream inspired - curtain. mixed march 17, 2007.
basswaves celebrates the chinese new year - saturday, february 17, 2007 - thanks to everyone who came out to make it a great night!
year of the fireboar
new track with a rockin' vibe - satachidananda - posted jan 18, 2007.
rough cut of a brand new track - hot out of the studio, fresh from NYE inspiration - posted jan 01, 2007.
dj mix - rockin' techno, acid house, electro - posted june 2006
destroy ego v1
two new tracks - posted may 2006:
baby growl pretty stuff is edgy. it came together quickly out of two separate sesions, maybe a week long each, a few months apart. i like it...
fullmoon hanuman is a longer exploration and is more laid back...
baby growl pretty stuff v3
fullmoon hanuman v10
dark, sexual, a swarm of angry bees... from the spring of 2005
coracao v24
...a wall of sound - early experimental excursions
space rift voices v1
...a compilation of 10 separate DJ sessions recorded between nov 2003 and may 2004:
thomasb - 100 mixes - volume 1
...recovered from a minidisc - circa 2001 - this is hard hitting techno:
thomasb - hardtek - 2001